Andrew Phillips


Missionary to the people of Sendai (Northeastern) Japan

I have always had an interest in Japan; the culture, history and art but in 2014 God placed a burden on my heart to serve the people and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. He did this through veteran missionaries Ron and Joan Stoller at a local missions conference. Since then I have been serving as a part of the Conversational English Classes at my home church (Faith Covenant Church) in Farmington Hills Michigan.

I have been to Japan for 3 months in 2015 and 2 1/2 months in 2017. Ministry there involved children's English and Bible classes, sports ministry, conversation cafes, High school evangelism, discipleship and camp ministry.

Feeling my call to missions in Japan affirmed, I went to Rochester College (now Rochester University) in Rochester Hills MI, earning a bachelors degree in Christian Ministry and International Studies. Now I am preparing to return to Japan as a career missionary with SEND International. I will be in Japan for four years starting in early 2020. I will be immersed in and study the Japanese language for 2 years, connect with and serve in a local church and be a relational evangelist through conversation cafes, college outreach, camps and simply living life alongside the people of Japan.

I am eager to return, to work alongside brothers and sisters and to encourage them as we together reach out to a country with less than 1% Christian population.