Daniel and Myriam Liberek

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Serving as Field Director with United World Mission in Belgium

Born in the U.K. to missionary parents, Daniel was  raised in Belgium and trained at Columbia Int. University and at Wheaton College
Graduate School.  He is presently taking Classes from Columbia Int. University in view of obtaining at Doctor of Ministry degree. 

Myriam, a Belgian citizen, was raised in a committed household. They were married in 1983 and have three daughters (Mical, 27; Elizabeth, 25 and Rebekah, 24) and two sons (Joel, 20 and Timothy, 16).  They are the very proud grandparents of Fanny (born march 2011 to Rebekah and Gregory).

They joined United World Mission in 1980 (Myriam in 1983).  After serving for 20 years in Belgium they were also given regional
responsibilities.  After serving for over ten years as Regional Director for Europe and four years as Regional Director for Africa they asked to be relieved of these responsibilities to be able to concentrate on and deepen their ministry in Belgium. 

Their ministry is presently all about church growth in Belgium !

Daniel and Myriam are helping to:

  • Establish a strong, visible, contextualized, outward focused, holistic, socially aware and reproducible ministry church in Huy,Belgium

  • Train Belgians for a variety of ministries (evangelism, church-planting, soical outreach, mentoring, etc.)

  • Anchor and mentor the Expedition 237 team in Belgium as its members discover and establish outreach platforms to reach post-moderns

  • Serve as a resource person for special tasks and assignments for United World Mission

  • Open new locations for strategic and innovative ministries in Belgium

Past experiences:

Through the years the Lord has seen fit to involve us in the following ministries (We stand amazed at his grace and empowering!) :

  • Pastoring

  • Mentoring new national pastors

  • Church-planting

  • Evangelism of many kinds and types

  • Youth camp work (camp counselor, camp director, camp speaker)

  • Interpretation and translation -- It has been a great privilege to interpret for men and women of God such as Joni, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharias, Joseph Stowell, Billy Kim, Chuck Colson, ... Jim Colledge !

  • Mentoring younger missionaries

  • Speaking at several regional gatherings of missionaries (Asia, Africa, Europe)

  • Overseeing the ministries of UWM in Africa (5 years)

  • Overseeing the ministries of UWM in Western Europe (10 years) and in all of Europe (4 years)

  • Leading the construction of new church buildings

  • Leading the construction of the social center (9 social housing units) and establishing a 

  • Teaching at the Belgian Bible Institute (10 years) and at CEFOBI (Bible school in Congo, Brazzaville)

  • Leading a support group for church-planters in Belgium

  • Leading a group seeking to produce a DVD based mentoring program for new believers

  • Hosting countless teams of short term missionaries from many churches in the US (including 5 or 6 from Hudson Community Chapel). These focused on construction projects, evangelism, bike-evangelism ...


Contact information:

Email: <DanielUWM@me.com> or <dliberek@wheatonalumni.org>

Phone: Landline in Belgium: +32 85 215305

Cell phone in Belgium: +32 498 260783

Vonage phone: 216 393 9234

Cell phone when in US: 216 262 1914

Web page:  www.liberek.net

Web page UWM:  WWW.UWM.org