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Gateway recognizes that NAB churches have a desire to serve and to be connected cross-culturally and globally and that many are already doing so. Gateway also recognizes there are many NAB churches that would like to serve and get involved globally/cross-culturally but need help getting started. Gateway provides resources (training, equipping, software, tools) that help churches serve cross-culturally and internationally with excellence. They can also provide experience and networking, even in the form of actually leading and training teams/individuals from churches as they serve for the first time.

As Gateway Director for NAB, Randy Schmor personally supports, coaches and works with churches as they begin to explore long-term global partnerships.

Please pray for Randy as he trains and connects with many of our NAB pastors and leaders as well as maintaining his friendship and connections with the many international ministry leaders that Gateway works with.

Randy has led and trained short-term mission teams and churches in partnership for over two decades. He is on the board of SOE, loves hockey, cheers for the Green Bay Packers, and is an elder at his church. He lives in Brookfield, WI with his wife Shelly (who is Pastor of Discipleship at their church) and has a 21-year old son, Kameron (who is an American Airlines flight attendant)!

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